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Below you will find answers to the most common questions you may have on YoungParrot. Also, please feel free to checkout our Twitter or Telegram. If you still cannot find the answer you are looking for, just contact us via Email, Telegram, or Discord

YoungParrot Member (YPM) NFT is our member pass. YoungParrot Member collection will have 10K NFT items and 3 different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
You can mint YoungParrot Member (YPM) NFT here
1. Have 20% discount price for other launchpads (exclude YoungParrot collection launchpad)
2. Can stake to earn YoungParrot Member NFTs.
3. 50% discount for buyer and seller fees from 2.5% to 1.25%.
4. Can vote to decide which non-launchpad collections can list on our marketplace.
5. Have more chances to win as a voter at our Monthly contest.
You can buy NFTs by going to Marketplace > All NFTs, Marketplace > Collections, filter by Status > Buy Now option, view NFTs that you would like to buy and click BUY NOW button.
Click COMPLETE PURCHASE button and confirm it on MetaMask.
You can find your bought NFTs on your Profile
Please contact us for support and give us your sold NFT link and your wallet address.
You can connect your wallet by using correct mainnet, click on your Profile icon on the top right. Click MetaMask or ConnectWallet.
You can cancel or lower the price of your listed NFT by going to your NFT detail page and click CANCEL LISTING button for cancel or click LOWER PRICE button for lower price.
Minting NFT is the process of taking a digital asset and converting the digital file into a digital asset stored on the blockchain. Making it officially a commodity that can be bought and sold.

You can participate in minting NFTs on our Launchpads page, choose NFT collection you like, click MINT button and confirm on your MetaMask.
You can create your own NFT collection by going to My Collections, click CREATE COLLECTION button, fill out information and click CREATE button.

Next, you can add your NFT item by click on ADD ITEM button, fill out the information, and click CREATE button.

Next, you need to request listing by clicking on REQUEST LISTING button on your collection page.

Next, wait for approval in 1-2 days and if your collection is approved then your collection is on Vote page for a week. You need 10 votes so your collection is public and be able to sell.
YPC is our token. The benefits of holding YPC token are:
1. Can stake to earn YPC or BRISE on Sphynx.
2. Can vote to decide which non-launchpad collections can list on our marketplace.
3. Can access advanced features on our marketplace.
4. Can participate and vote our NFT monthly contest.
5. Can get 25% discount minting YPM NFT.
6. Can stake to earn YPM NFTs in the future.
You can buy YPC token on:
1. Sphynx
2. IcecreamSwap
3. BiBox
There are two types of NFTs, one is uploaded to our marketplace without smart contract and another with smart contract.

Without smart contract then you cannot be able to see your bought NFTs on other platform.

With smart contract, if your bought NFTs owner did not list their collection on other platforms then you cannot be able to see your bought NFTs there either, but yes otherwise.
To be able to see your bought NFTs in MetaMask on Mobile then you can import it using NFT smart contract and Token ID from your transction. If you need help with this, then please ask us on Telegram or Discord
You can check the history of an NFT by going to the NFT detail page and look for Item Activity on our marketplace. Another way is going to Scan, search for your NFT contract and find the NFT by Token ID.
Royalty is a percentage that the seller who is not a collection owner to pay for each time the NFT belong to this collection is sold. The Royalty is set by the collection owner and it cannot higher than 10% on our marketplace.
Buy NFT fee is 2.5% or 1.25% for YoungParrot Member (YPM) NFT holders when you buy an NFT.

Sell NFT fee is 2.5% or 1.25% for YoungParrot Member (YPM) NFT holders when your NFT is sold.
A floor price is the minimum price that the existing listing NFTs for a collection on our marketplace.
The NFT monthly contest is a contest with rewards to allow artists who hold at least 50 USD in YPC to participate to show their collections from 3rd to 20th each month.

The voters are YPC holders to hold at least 25 USD in YPC to vote the best collections they like from 21st to end of each month.

Check out for more information here.
You can participate in NFT monthly contest here.

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