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HoeBears NFT

These PFP NFT's will soon be available for staking on the BRISE chain 💸 earn whilst you hold.... Follow us on socials for all the latest updates and access to exclusive offers, giveaways, prizes and much more... 🚀 Twitter - Discord - Telegram - LAUNCHPAD

LunaGens VIP NFT Collection

LunaGens VIP NFT collection is designed to give holders the ability to enjoy our utilities for free like our upcoming P2E, Metaverse and free traveling and Staying at our future Resort Especially, VIP NFT holders will able to earn Massive Passive Income via our future Resort Yearly income, Staking, P2E and Metaverse.SHOW LAUNCHPAD

LunaGens Collection

LunaGens NFT collection is designed to give holders the ability to enjoy great discounted prices from our utilities and traveling and staying at our resort. NFT holders will able to earn good passive income from our P2E, Metaverse and Staking.SHOW LAUNCHPAD


BRISEPunks NFT's are minted at random and do not follow in succession meaning your NFT will be randomly selected by the contract.

Please join our growing community and flex off your punk! We look forward to getting punky with you.

Thank you!
TheDoc and Team!

MicroWorlds Collection

4D Twin Maps first NFT collection will bring you nice rewards.
80% of all sell fee earned the next 6 month will be distributed to all NFT buyers!
You’ll have advantages and extra benefits in our 4D Twin Maps platform and our AR game.

There are 8 categories:
Snow Landscape (300), Ice Island (120), Industrial (147), Cities (24), Islands (65), Green Landscapes (150), Desert and Canyon (100) and... REAL WORLD LOCATIONS (51)

Depending on what NFT you have it will have different advantages on our platforms.


The goal of LOOP-Z is to make a community that is always innovating and building in global crypto and NFT spaces. The LOOP-Z collection will offer a number of benefits and utility to NFT holders through LOOP-Z tokens that can be used on its website.

Those benefits and utility are:
- Membership ranks and benefits to be announced through official ELTG accounts,
- LOOP-Z token airdrops,
- Early and discounted access to the Gen2 collection,
- Participation in community vault giveaways,
- Discounted shopping at LOOP-Z merch store,
- Access to holder channels on Discord, where holders can make 'utility proposals' and submit them for voting, and will be entitled to all membership benefits that will be updated and added to the collection in the future.

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